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This Mortal Boy – Fiona Kidman

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS The re-creation of one of the last executions in New Zealand leading to the abolition of capital punishment. ⚑ “Poor Albert Black. I appreciated the way this novel explored the impact on everyone involved in his trial and sentencing… Continue Reading “This Mortal Boy – Fiona Kidman”

Five Sons & A Hundred Muri of Rice – Sharyn Steel

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jodie The true life story of Kharika Devkota, a five-year-old bride in rural Nepal. ➽ “Five Sons and a Muri of Rice gives the reader a real glimpse into the lives rural Nepalise woman lead. The story spans the life of… Continue Reading “Five Sons & A Hundred Muri of Rice – Sharyn Steel”

Salt Picnic – Patrick Evans

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS Mimicking Janet Frame’s travels, a young woman arrives on the island of Ibiza in 1956 and falls into a relationship with an American photographer. ➽ “Patrick Evans is an accomplished writer and obviously has a lot of intelligent thoughts swirling around… Continue Reading “Salt Picnic – Patrick Evans”

The New Animals – Pip Adam

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS Current and last generation fashion designers compete for fame on the streets of Auckland.  ➽ “Ugh this book made me hate myself quite frankly, but once I moved past my self-loathing I was able to enjoy it in all… Continue Reading “The New Animals – Pip Adam”

Baby – Annaleese Jochems

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS In this debut novel, young lovers run away, stealing money to buy a boat but inciting disaster wherever they turn. ➽ “I think we are all capable of horrible acts, depending on circumstances and surely we all sometimes wonder… Continue Reading “Baby – Annaleese Jochems”

Sodden Downstream – Brannavan Gnanalingam

READ FOR NZ BOOK AWARDS A refugee walks through a Wellington storm to get to work but must rely on the kindness of strangers to get there. ➽ “A journey or expedition is a staple in fictional themes, however here this is turned on… Continue Reading “Sodden Downstream – Brannavan Gnanalingam”

The Hut Builder – Laurence Fearnley

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jo Set in NZ’s deep south, a man at sorts with life finds himself on a mountain with Sir Ed Hillary. 2011 NZ Book Awards winner. ◉ “Getting to know Boden Black is a slow process – he turns… Continue Reading “The Hut Builder – Laurence Fearnley”

Blindsight – Maurice Gee

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jo The lives of Alice Ferry, a retired Wellington scientist, and her brother Gordon take divergent paths. ◉ “Gee gradually unravels this story building the tension effortlessly as we learn about the siblings’ history, start to understand the nature… Continue Reading “Blindsight – Maurice Gee”

Into The River – Ted Dawe

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Sonya An East Coast Maori boy wins a scholarship to an Auckland College where his ancestral beliefs collide with his private school education. ◉ “I had no idea that Into The River was a banned book when I chose… Continue Reading “Into The River – Ted Dawe”

2017 NZ Book Awards

Three of the shortlisted fiction books could take out the Ockham’s top prize in 2017. (Wish there’d been time to read shortlisters from the other categories too, but alas.) With literary giants like Stead and Marshall at the helm of this section and powerhouse Chidgey snapping at their… Continue Reading “2017 NZ Book Awards”