Category: Family drama

Do Not Say We Have Nothing – Madeleine Thien

READ FOR BOOKERTHON From inside an extended family in China, Do Not Say We Have Nothing examines two of the most important political moments of the past century. ➤ “This is historical fiction written authentically and beautifully, and as twee as it sounds I feel… Continue Reading “Do Not Say We Have Nothing – Madeleine Thien”

Hot Milk – Deborah Levy

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Sofia, a young anthropologist, spends much of her life trying to solve the mystery of her mother’s unexplainable illness. ➤ “Hot Milk has that kind of pleasantness about it that makes it neither beautiful enough to be outstanding, nor horrible enough to be outstanding.… Continue Reading “Hot Milk – Deborah Levy”

A Spool Of Blue Thread – Anne Tyler

READ FOR BOOKERTHON The lives of four generations of Whitshanks unfold in and around the sprawling, lovingly worn Baltimore house that has always been their anchor.  ❍ “Though this is Tyler’s 20th (and apparently her last) novel, it’s the first of hers I’ve read.… Continue Reading “A Spool Of Blue Thread – Anne Tyler”

On Beauty – Zadie Smith

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Sophia Based on E M Forster’s Howards End, this book follows the lives of a mixed race US family, addressing ethnic and cultural differences. ✎ “While a fantastic book in its own regard, On Beauty‘s nod to E M Forster’s classic provides… Continue Reading “On Beauty – Zadie Smith”

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Rosemary Cooke discovers the awful truth about her sister who was sent away aged five. A difficult book to summarise without giving away the plot! ✎ “This is not what I expected from Fowler at all, and it really is impossible to talk… Continue Reading “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler”

The Lives Of Others – Neel Mukherjee

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Set in 1966 Calcutta, the Ghosh family represents the nation as it battles an imploding business and poisonous family battles. ✎ “The harrowing opening pages provide the perfect juxtaposition to the petty woes of the Ghosh family whom we are soon introduced… Continue Reading “The Lives Of Others – Neel Mukherjee”

A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hossieni

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Jo Written from the perspective of Afghan women trapped within their country’s strict regime, this book focuses on the friendship between Mariam and Laila who are wives of the same man. ✎ “Harrowing but addictive. You need to be ready for… Continue Reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hossieni”

Crossing To Safety – Wallace Stegner

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel A 1987 novel about the friendship between two couples and their entwined journeys through the pleasures and cruelty of life.  ✎ “There is no description that does this book justice. Ultimately it is a character study of two couples who are so expertly written… Continue Reading “Crossing To Safety – Wallace Stegner”

The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri

READ FOR BOOKERTHON The story of two brothers living in 1960s Calcutta. One becomes involved in the Naxalite movement and the other relocates to the US. ❖ “A multi-generational, epic Indian novel with politics (of both the country and family) at its heart. I loved… Continue Reading “The Lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri”

We Need New Names – NoViolet Bulawayo

READ FOR BOOKERTHON A coming-of-age story about 10-year-old Darling’s journey out of Zimbabwe and into America. ❖ “Despite being a story of Zimbabwe’s trauma and desperation – and believe me there are some harrowing accounts in these pages – it is the cast of… Continue Reading “We Need New Names – NoViolet Bulawayo”