Soul Print – Megan Miranda

Chosen by Sonya

Alina Chase has been imprisoned all her life, after it was revealed she has a soul DNA match with a now dead convicted criminal.

◉ “I chose Soul Print because I wanted an easy, entertaining read. I think I succeeded! It was those things, and all of the elements you might associate with a well-written young adult’s fiction book, romance, ethical dilemna, the corruption of grown-ups, futuristic science-technology. And a happy ending. All without being too predictable and giving us ‘grown ups’ some food for thought. A fun book I’ll be recommending to my daughter when she is older.” – Sonya

◉ “Soul Print is a young adult’s book without the usual trappings of cliche and lack of surprise. It works as an adult read too, with the unique story line of a reality where soul DNA matching is possible and supposed innocents can be locked up for the crimes of their past lives. While we have the teenagers on the run defying adult regulation, I enjoyed the unpredictability of the story line as well as the ethical and philosophical questions it raised, designed to allow readers to determine their own opinions rather than have ‘right vs wrong’ forced upon them. I have already recommended this book to my daughter.” – Rachel

◉ “A really enthralling idea which was initially intense and interesting as I tried to figure out what was going on – souls can be identified through spinal cord fluid testing and characteristics are transferred upon death. The story dipped during the middle but this was still a book I had trouble putting down. It definitely had the feel of a young adult book with a few of the romantic parts making me a bit squirmy! Overall an enjoyable book.” – Jo

Published 2015
368 pages

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