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Quichotte – Salman Rushdie

READ FOR BOOKERTHON A modern re-write of Don Quixote that broaches traditional elements as well as the current state of the world.  ⚑ “Confession time: I have not read Don Quixote. While I know the premise I don’t know its intricates nor how cleverly… Continue Reading “Quichotte – Salman Rushdie”

10 Minutes & 38 Seconds In This Strange World – Elif Shafak

READ FOR BOOKERTHON A dying prostitute’s brain lives on for 10 minutes & 38 seconds during which it recalls her life’s troubles. ⚑ “Tequila Leila is a Turkish woman with a traditional but disturbing upbringing and a adulthood full of expectations and sadness. It… Continue Reading “10 Minutes & 38 Seconds In This Strange World – Elif Shafak”

LaRose – Louise Erdrich

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel A man offers his son to another couple after accidentally shooting their child “Landreaux Iron is a native American man who accidentally shoots his wife’s half-sister’s son while hunting. As means of reparation, Landreaux and his wife Emmaline… Continue Reading “LaRose – Louise Erdrich”

Less – Andrew Sean Greer

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Becks A 50-year-old failed novelist avoids his ex’s wedding by attending a series of obscure literary events “There are two important facts any potential reader should know about this book: 1. The author – a gay, middle-aged, white man… Continue Reading “Less – Andrew Sean Greer”

2019 – The Journey

Reading incites many pleasures, including the opportunity to experience something outside your own knowledge and comfort zone. It is journeying to understand the world. In 2019 it appears we have selected books that map unchartered topics: dystopian themes, satirical commentaries and plenty of US… Continue Reading “2019 – The Journey”

2018 – Setting the scene

Sometimes you put a book down late at night after a long reading session and you can still “see” it, see the landscape or the building or the room so clearly in your mind. And it’s then that you know the setting has received… Continue Reading “2018 – Setting the scene”

2017 – End Of Year Thoughts

Either the freerangers read a list of descriptive masterpieces this year or we have developed heightened senses for the understanding of people and places in fiction. Such was the enthusiasm with which we have analysed the make up of our reading this year.  Did… Continue Reading “2017 – End Of Year Thoughts”

2017 – Hot Genres

Genres are in accepted abundance these days. Gone are the days when crime, romance and fantasy were about all the classifications local librarians were willing to use. Today, not only are books cryptically catalogued, but classics are gaining new reclassifications too, as their historical significance becomes… Continue Reading “2017 – Hot Genres”

2016 – End Of Year Thoughts

2016 was New Zealand lit heavy for The FreeRange Bookclub. Not only did Kiwi novels litter the schedule, the NZ Book Awards re-emerged, inciting fresh excitement amongst book lovers about our home-grown talent. With our immersion into New Zealand books, we discovered there were… Continue Reading “2016 – End Of Year Thoughts”

2016 – The Back Story

It’s easy to become engrossed in the story, to be taken with the now and the potential and forget what has been; the moments that created the existence of now. And it’s easy for liteal best sellers and award-winning authors, it’s easy to look… Continue Reading “2016 – The Back Story”