Month: October 2011

2011 – Bookerthon

This has been a good Bookerthon year. Every book was enjoyable, albeit for a different reason and so it is hard to compare them and pick a favourite. Jamrach’s Menagrie is a startling story of men lost at sea during the Victorian era, The Sisters Brothers a hilarious Western parody,…

Pigeon English – Stephan Kelman

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Ghana migrant Harrison Opoku unbalances the hierarchical balance in his community when he speaks out about the murder of school mate. ✔ “Pigeon English is told from the point of view of the young protagonist and does wander off plot a bit. But,…

The Sisters Brothers – Patrick de Witt

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Set in the American west coast in 1851, this book is a Western parody in which assassins Eli and Charlies Sisters begin to question their livehood as they chase a target, Herman Kermit, across country. ✔ “OMG, this book was unexpectedly hilarious….