Month: October 2009

Oooooo…!!! – Hone Tuwhare

READ FOR BOOKCLUB Chosen by Rachel This book has been collated from a large collection of Maori poet Hone Tuwhare’s writing, discovered sprawled over countless pieces of paper, envelopes, bank statements and the backs of shopping lists. It provides an insight into Tuwhare’s mind, as… Continue Reading “Oooooo…!!! – Hone Tuwhare”

2009 – Bookerthon

A huge stack of books to get through this year – what an initiation for Jo who decided to join us in Bookerthon fun this year. A quick calculation informed us we had to read 80 pages per day to get through the shortlisters… Continue Reading “2009 – Bookerthon”

Summertime – J M Coetzee

READ FOR BOOKERTHON This fictionalised memoir details the life of John Coetzee from the perspective of five people who have known him. It is set in the mid to late 1970s, in Cape Town. ❚ “J M Coetzee has created a work of wit.  The biographical… Continue Reading “Summertime – J M Coetzee”

The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters

READ FOR BOOKERTHON The Little Stranger is a ghost story set in a dilapidated mansion in Warwickshire, England in the 1940s. It features a country doctor who makes friends with an old gentry family of declining fortunes who own the old estate that is crumbling around them.… Continue Reading “The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters”

The Glass Room – Simon Mawer

READ FOR BOOKERTHON Based on a real villa in Czechoslovakia, the house in this book is a minimalist masterpiece, with a transparent glass room as its center. Set during WWII, every new inhabitant of the house falls under the spell of the glass room. ❚ “Interesting in the… Continue Reading “The Glass Room – Simon Mawer”